Friday, June 13, 2014


Each year I ask God to give me a word that encompasses something He wants to teach me. This year that word is "immerse." Wherever I am and whatever I do, I want to be all there. Immerse myself in the places I go and the relationships around me. 

For a strong feeler like me, that seems like a pretty easy concept but it has been more difficult than expected. I say that as if I'm surprised, but of course it is harder than I thought! God always has something new to show us even in the most simple concepts. Sometimes, it seems that as soon as we begin to understand something He goes and changes the rules of the game. 

I'm moving back to America this fall. It's an adventure I'm ready for but there’s still a little apprehension that creeps up every now and again. I think part of that is God challenging me with my time left in Herrnhut…to not be mentally and emotionally absent because I won’t be here come September. But the question remains, how do I begin to separate myself from something while I am still fully immersed in it? 

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